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"Timber frame will triumph in 2006"
Major economic developments signal a strong year of growth ahead, says UK Timber Frame Association (UKTFA).


Company info:
Super E® Builder and Interhabs dealer
Alan Drewell Ltd
4 Hollin Gardens
LS16 5NL
T 44.(0)113.295.8209

Models available

Every Interhabs home is a custom-designed home because we build each one to the specifications of a particular customer. With over 50 models to start from, and an enormous array of options, we can satisfy almost everyone's needs.
But we have also built many houses to our own custom designs, or from plans supplied by our clients. Our expertise includes multi-family dwellings and small commercial buildings. If you have an idea and don't see a suitable starting point among our plans, we invite you to come and talk to our designers.

Email: alan@drewell.com