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"Timber frame will triumph in 2006"
Major economic developments signal a strong year of growth ahead, says UK Timber Frame Association (UKTFA).

"740% demand increase"
The demand for Super E housing
in the UK
has increased by 740% since the
launch of the first home in April 2002.
Super E® Trade and Consumer Update

Company info:
Super E® Builder and Interhabs dealer
Alan Drewell Ltd
4 Hollin Gardens
LS16 5NL
T 44.(0)113.295.8209

Recently completed Super E® development
Carn Mor,Inverness

Building the Dream

When you buy a new home, it’s more than just finding a new place to live. It’s also an investment for your future, choosing a home that improves the quality of life for you and your family.

Super E® Homes are unique for their quieter and brighter living space, healthier indoor air quality, improved energy efficiency, and exceptional durability. They also combine energy-efficiency technology with eco-friendly products, materials and mechanical systems to reduce the impact on the environment.

Cost Effective

Years of experience in Japan and Canada show houses built with Super E® technology use about 20 to 30 percent less energy for heating and reduce heat loss by 50 percent, compared to the average new house built today. Several features are used to achieve these results: high insulation levels, high-performance windows and doors and a continuous air barrier.


The fact that a home is timber frame will not be a factor in getting a mortgage. Warranty providers are aware of Super E® Technology, and approve of the extra quality assurance measures that go into a Super E® Home. Zurich Insurance even provides a chapter on the Super E® Technical Standards in its reference manual.


A properly constructed timber frame house can last hundreds of years. Durability problems in wood buildings can almost always be attributed to moisture problems. Super E® Homes have tested and proven moisture control strategies that prevent moisture damage to the timber structure of the house.

Super E® Homes have a continuous air barrier, which is essential for preventing moisture entry into the wall. The air barrier prevents the flow of airborne moisture, which can accumulate inside the walls of non-Super E® homes, regardless of whether they are timber frame or masonry.

Super E® Homes in the UK, Ireland and Japan are also designed with a damp climate in mind. A unique rain screen strategy prevents damage from wind-driven rain.

Timber frame homes are also exceptionally strong. They have performed very well in areas where hurricanes are common. In earthquake zones, it has been found that lightweight framing absorbs lateral forces better than heavy construction.

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